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Women United

President/Leader: Sis. Sandra Williams

Vision Statement:

Our mission is for the women of Tabernacle of Praise to grow in the Lord, to participate in the church, to experience the joy of the Lord, and then give that joy to others and watch it spread.


We Desire To Be


Women of Prayer:  Prayer makes a difference in our personal life, in the life of our family and friends, and even those we pray for but don’t know personally.  There are not many who would disagree that prayer is an important part of the leadership role at a church.  It is also an important part of the leadership role of T.O.P.’s Women’s Ministry.  Whether the prayers include personal or ministry concerns, when we pray for one another this shows our level of care for the individual or cause.  It shows that we want God to intervene in the situation by creating a greater awareness of his presence.  Taking time to pray for one another can be a powerful tool for serving God.


Women of Purpose:  It has often been said that you can lead a person only as far as you yourself have gone.  You can lead another to experience only as much of Christ as you yourself have experienced.  It is only because the great biblical leaders were themselves profound and deeply committed people, in love with God and with God’s call upon their lives, that they could become one who profoundly formed, taught, and influenced others.  What made these biblical leaders so great was their trust in God’s call to the mission and ministry.  As T.O.P. Women, we are deeply committed people in love with God and with God’s call on us to provide the very best for women and girls in our church.  We want to work hard to follow God’s call upon our lives and we trust God’s will to be done in all our endeavors.


Women of Passion:  Jesus was a man of passion, deeply convicted about the mission he was to do.  His passion was evident in the anger and power he showed.  He confronted religious leaders (the priests, Pharisees and Sadducees), political leaders (Herod, Pilate), economic leaders (the priests and Sadducees), and even his own disciples.  He was not afraid to make others uncomfortable and he was not one to duck an issue.  As T. O. P. Women, we are women of passion.  We care deeply about women and girls in all situations.  We are deeply convicted that our vision and what we are seeking to bring about in our women’s ministries is from God.  Our vision is clear – we are clear about who we are and what we must do.


Women United Objectives:

  • Every adult woman and every young woman of Tabernacle of Praise is a member of the Women’s Ministry of the Tabernacle of Praise Baptist Church.We want to encourage each woman at TOP to get involved.

  • The Team Members of the Ministry (all will meet with Sr. Women) of the Tabernacle of Praise Baptist Church should meet at least once a month for the purpose of prayer, study, fellowship and planning.

  • Women’s Ministry shall conduct special conferences (at least once a year) for the purpose of advancing knowledge concerning women’s health, mind, morals, and the body.

  • Women’s Ministry shall have its Annual Day during the morning church service on the 1st Sunday in March.

  • It is the ministry’s goal that every adult woman and every female girl and teenager (6-18) at T. O. P. will attend the annual FMBDA Women and Girls’ Conference held in April.We also want at least two (2) young ladies to participate in the Debutante Program as a Deb or Jr. Deb.

  • The following in-reach and outreach projects: Secret Prayer Sisters Program; Graduate Reception; Backpack-Uniform Giveaway at Back-to-School Ice Cream Bash; and Clergy Month Recognition.

Yearly Activities:


  • Continue to work with all other ministries during their in-reach and outreach efforts.


  • Annual Women United Weekend – First Saturday in March will be TOP Morning Out and Sunday Morning will be Annual Day Worship Service.


  • Graduate Reception – Honor TOP graduates with food and fellowship after their recognition during morning worship on the 3rd Sunday in June.


  • Sponsor a “Back to School Bash & Ice Cream Social” – School supplies and uniforms will be collected during the drive.  Items will be distributed and ice cream & treats shared on the second Sunday in August.  The goal is to give every child in TOP a full backpack and a uniform, as well as to share supplies and uniforms with Runyon Elementary School.


  • Recognize and honor Pastor and every associate at TOP on the second Sunday in October.


  • Sponsor the Lap Blanket Drive in December to bless the residents of Brentwood facility.


  • Host the FMBDA Debutante meetings leading up to the Gala (hosted by TOP) to be held on April 14, 2018.  Support the young lady/ies that will be representing TOP during the program.

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