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Chairmen: Dea. David Jackson, Dea. Reginald Caldwell & Dea. Joe Lewis


1.  As deacons, we serve alongside our pastor in a role of enrichment to the Worship service.

2.  As deacons, we are charged with the responsibility to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all people.

3.  As deacons, we must continue to learn and grow in the Word of God.

4.  As deacons, we are led by the Holy Spirit to serve as co-laborers with our pastor as we minister to the needs of others in the congregation.


As a soldier in the army of the Lord.

We honor God, while we serve with the Pastor in Ministry.

We Pray.

We Encourage.

We build up one another in Christ.

We Love.

We Edify.

We give of our Time, Talent, and Treasure.

We Thank God for the privilege to serve.

To Praise Him.

To Worship him, and to care for the people of God.

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