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Youth Minister:  Rev. Christopher McDonald

Children's Minister:  Rev. Joseph Patterson

General Director:  Sis. Shirley Lewis

Mission Statement

The TOP Youth Ministry’s mission is to instill in our children the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, the path to salvation, and the true meaning of Christian discipleship, with the blessed hope that such knowledge will become permanent elements of their relationship with Christ.


2019 Ministry Theme:  "Training Christian Models for Critical Moments" (1 Tim. 4:12)

T.O.P. Youth Programs

Youth Development

Youth Development is held each Wednesday evening at 7pm for all youth.  Enjoy Bible Study, Bible Games, and Creative Arts Projects.

Youth Sunday

The Youth Ministry serve during the Morning Worship Experience on the 2nd Sunday each month at 9:45am. The youth lead several aspects of the worship service. 

Sunday Church School

We learn key Christian principles by receiving age-appropriate, biblical instruction in a classroom setting, every Sunday morning at 8:30am. 

Youth Ministry Calendar

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