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Men's Movement

Council Members: Rev. Charles Williams, Dea. Reggie Caldwell, Dea. Willie Kraut & Dea. Joe Lewis

The purpose of the Men's Movement Ministry is to deepen the spirituality in men, promote religious intelligence and to lead the lost to Christ.

Motto: Teach the word in the home, with a consecrated heart; following the footsteps of the Savior and leading all men to God.

Meeting Times: The Men’s Ministry meetings are held twice a month on Tuesdays; The First Tuesday of each Month is set aside for our Birthday Fellowship. The Second Tuesday of each Month, the men have a Biblical Study lesson followed by a rehearsal for the Male Chorus (Voices of Power).


The Men of T.O.P. are supportive of our Pastor, every ministry at our church and we actively participate in various Out-reach throughout our Community and City. 

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