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Our Mission

The Tabernacle of Praise Missionary Baptist Church recognizes, acknowledges, and  worships the One and Only, Living and True God.  We uphold the truism that God presents Himself in three person, being God our Heavenly father, God the Son, who is Jesus Christ our Savior, and God the Holy Spirit.  We testify of the life, the death, the burial, the resurrection, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.  We believe that it is only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that men may have eternal life.  We hold up the Holy Bible as our creed and believe it to be the written word of God and that it is without error.  Because of our belief and love for God, we are fervently committed to the following:

·  To evangelize to non-believers by sharing the good news that salvation is a gracious gift from God, and is accessible to anyone and everyone according to St. John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9


· To disciple new believers and continue to instruct all saints in the word of God with all diligence according to II Timothy 2:15.


· To unceasingly show genuine concern for those who are less fortunate by sharing our time as well as giving our personal resources according to St. Luke 10:30-37.

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