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President: Rev. Charles Williams

The purpose of the T.O.P. Visitation Ministry is to provide ministry assistance to our Pastor; comfort and encourage our church members through prayer, visitation and areas of personal contact during their time of need.


  1. To let the world know that people matter to both God and our   church. Visitation lets them know that we as a church care.

  2. The members of this ministry will visit hospitals, residences, nursing centers and assisted living facilities, etc. based upon the situation.

  3. To provide information and updates ("COMETS") to those who are unable to attend the worship services or ministry meetings through electronic media and other outlets.


Key Scripture: "I was sick and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to me."

Matthew 25:36b

To learn more about "COMETS" (Count On Me To Serve),

please click on the button to submit an email inquiry.

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