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Leader: Sis. Bernadine Gordon



The Deaconess' Ministry's mission is to work with the deacons in order to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the church congregation.



  • Minister to the sick, home-bound, bereaved, caregivers and those with other needs through visits, cards, flowers, phone calls, food, finances, etc.

  • Maintain communion supplies and prepare the table for serving the Lord's Supper on first Sundays.

  • Maintain Baptism clothing, towels and other supplies for use by candidates during Baptism and provide instructions regarding the process.

  • Assist with devotional praise service on first Sunday mornings and take part in consecration with the Pastor, Deacons and Ministers.

  • Remain dedicated to serve with discretion, tolerance, patience, kindness and understanding.

  • Comfort those in mourning during funeral services and if possible, after the funeral, during the re-pass.

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